The Snow is Here

Winter is Really Here

The risk of clogged gutters doesn’t end once the leaves have fallen off the trees. If they haven't been cleared out before winter, all that debris and water sitting in your gutters can freeze when the temperature drops. When it’s frozen, any water from melting snow has nowhere to go, and can seep through your roof, causing water damage.

When the water and debris freezes, it also gets heavier, which could cause the gutters to sag. The extra weight can also cause the brackets that secures the gutters to the house to pull away from the house, or even come loose completely. In this scenario, your gutters could completely fall down, which would mean you will need to replace them or at least reinstall them.

If you want to ensure your gutters last a long time, keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. As soon as the snow has melted no matter where you live. So make sure you add gutter to your get done list.

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